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Old 11-09-2008, 09:28 AM
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Default Cedar Club, Rebeccas, Barbarellas, Polyannas, Edward No 8

Cedar Club. Constitution Hill
Rebeccas Lower Severn Street
Polyannas (Edward No.8)-John Bright Street

Boogie's nightclub,
Boogie's Brasserie
Edward's No.7
Edward's No.8,
Paramount pub

Eddie Fewtrell's, empire in Birmingham,
became one of the greatest in club history,
and one of the best of it's kind in the country.

Birmingham would definitely not be the place that it is today,
without Eddie Fewtrell, known as 'King of Clubs'.
Born one of ten children in the 1930s,
in the backstreets of Aston, much of Eddie's childhood
was spent keeping house and caring for his younger brothers.
An alcoholic father and an invalid mother prevented him
from attending school and leading a normal life -
a scenario a million light years away
from the vast nightclub empire that he was destined to build.
By the 1970s he had become the most powerful man
in Birmingham's Clubland.
With the support of his large family, in particular his seven brothers,
he went on to achieve even greater success.

Eddie's first club, the Bermuda Club, was in Navigation Street,
Eddie moved to pastures new, in the form of the Cedar Club, on Constitution Hill.
Over the next few years Eddie opened
Rebecca's, Abigail's, Boogie's nightclub,
Boogie's Brasserie, Edward's No.7, Edward's No.8,
the Paramount pub and Goldwyn's.

Barbarella's became the top showcase for
many up and coming UK pop groups.
In 1989, he sold his clubs to Ansells but he returned three years
later to open a new wave of clubs.
Professional success came at a high price;

In his book 'King Of Clubs'
Eddie reveals how his millionaire lifestyle and the pursuit of wealth led to tragic consequences.

Sadly one tagic consequence was the death of
of one of Eddie's brothers Don Fewtrell

THE brother of former nightclub king Eddie Fewtrell
has been found hanged at his Birmingham home.
Don Fewtrell, 76, who lived alone at his house in Handsworth Wood, had been "fighting a losing battle" to save his eyesight.
He was found dead by his daughter last night after his family became concerned about him.
Don, who shared in the building of Eddie's nightclub empire in Birmingham, had been suffering from diabetes and was almost totally blind.

The Cedar Club, on the corner at the left of the picture

Don managed the Cedar Club in Constitution Hill, which ran for 30 years and changed the face of nightlife in Birmingham for good.
He left Birmingham for a while to live in Australia
but returned to his roots in the late 1980s.

Millionaire Eddie, 74, who retired to Ross-on-Wye
where he breeds horses, said today:
"Don had been in the depths of depression about losing his sight and I think this was a cry for help.

"He had been on anti-depressants for some time because
he couldn't bear the thought of going blind.

"I kept trying to encourage him that all kinds of operations
could be done now and he may still have partial sight,
but the whole thing got him down.

"It's a real tragedy and I'm devastated to lose Don like this.
I feel if his diabetes had been diagnosed earlier something more could have been done."

Don and Eddie were two of ten children brought up by a strict Irish mother.

The Cedar Club featured many top names, from The Faces, Rod Stewart,Staus Quo, and 50's and 60's stars such as Duane Eddy, Cat Stevens
Even Jimi Hendrix made a cameo appearance there,
more on that in my post below.
The names that appeared at all of Eddie's clubs are endless.
Rebecca's, Abigail's and Barbarella's featured celebrities from David Bowie to Freddie Mercury and even boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. appeared

The Cedar had probably one of the first DJ's in the city, called Ted.
He was an eccentric character, with a 'posh' voice.

One of the first resident bands was Carl Wayne And The Vikings
who had just returned to Birmingham from Germany.

In the mid 1960s in Birmingham, the Cedar Club
was the place to go and see the "happening" acts.
Other local bands who performed there regularly was
Danny King and The Mayfair Set and Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders.
Various members from these three groups would sometimes get together
on stage for spontaneous jam sessions.

Davy Jones & The Lower Third from London were performing at
The Cedar Club one evening late in 1965 and their singer
(who would later change his name to David Bowie)
mentioned to Trevor Burton from the Mayfair Set and Ace Kefford from The Vikings
that they should consider forming their own group. , The Move

Rebecca's was unique, has it had three or four floors,
and on each one was a band or DJ catering for
different music genres.

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Old 11-09-2008, 09:59 AM
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Default RE: Cedar Club, Rebeccas, Barbarellas, Polyannas, Edward No 8

I have fond memories of the Fewtrells,
and although they were a tough family running
a very tough empire,
they always made me welcome.
As an aspiring songwriter, I wished to meet the 'stars'
The first club I ever went to was The Cedar Club,
and Don Fewtrell was always there and I was fortunate
to make friends with him, through mutual friends.

I had some great nights there.
I saw Status Quo, when they were in their
'Pictures of Matchstick' days.

Cat Stevens, running off the stage crying,
agfter being booed for being so awful.

The most memorable night was when
Jimi Hendrix and his entourage entered the club.
Jimi had been performing at the Birmingham Odeon,
and popped in the a late drink.
It was unbelievable, when he was coaxed on stage,
and performed the most fantastic set, using the residents bands
Fender Strat, nad played the 'hell out of it'
even though he was left handed and it was strung the wrong way round!

What a memory that is!
Many famous faces could be seen around the circular bar,
and in the casino.

One night I arrived at the club, to find a familar face
hanging around outside.
It was Robert Plant, who for some reason was refused entrance.
Ironically, as I knew Don Fewtrell, I was able to gain
access for the then pre- Zep Robert!

I always remember one of the younger brothers Bomber
would be on the door, along with boxer Johnny Prescott, I think!

At Rebecca's you'd often see the Late Pat Roach on the door.
One night Pat knowing I'd recently returned from Sweden,
called on me to help with some Swedish guests.

The Fewtreels would often ask me to stay over,
at their frequent private parties after the club closed.
We would all then gather in the bottom club room,
where were treated to a few drinks and snacks.

Like all us 'townies' if one club seemed flat,
we'd all 'do the circuit'
off to Rebecca's, Elbow, Rum, sometimes taking in
three of four clubs a night, untill catching up with everyone.

Great days, indeed.

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Old 11-20-2008, 01:22 PM
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Default RE: Cedar Club, Rebeccas, Barbarellas, Polyannas, Edward No 8

Anymore information please add to the thread
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Old 12-10-2008, 11:39 AM
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Default RE: Cedar Club, Rebeccas, Barbarellas, Polyannas, Edward No 8

Hi everyone !

Yes, I know, I'm new to this forum.
I was positively impressed by your different posts about the 60's and 70's !
And I ws especially interested by that thread called "Birmingham Nightclubs of the past - memories", that you can find here :

I'm working as a private Queen archivist, collecting information about the band (especially live) during the first tours. I now deal with their tour, and in 1974 they met Birmingham, on 02th April, when they played at the Barbarellas, with the band Nutz as an opener.

So I wanted to know if you could help the Queen community out there and bring us all the information you can : what songs they played, how they were dressed, how many people wer ein the attendance, what happened before/during/after the show (power failure, fight, ...), your reviews, comments, all you can bring to help us complete the information available. Your information will be used after that in a fabulous website www.queenlive.ca which gathers most of the information available, check it out if you like Queen. Some other websites could use it too. Of course your name will be quoted, or not if you prefer not.
So bring all information, recollection, or help me get in touch with people who could help ! Even the slightest information can be important, we don't have little information so far ! What I can say is that the encore was special that night, it seems that the leader of Nutz and some crew members ran naked on the stage during the encore, as Queen's drummer bet a bottle of champagne they would not do it !
Maybe pictures, or even recorded audio tapes or videos exist too !

And if you have recollection of other Queen concerts, just contact me too !

Many thanks everyone for your participation to that thread !


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Old 12-10-2008, 01:07 PM
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Default RE: Cedar Club, Rebeccas, Barbarellas, Polyannas, Edward No 8

Hi Oliver

First of all
WELCOME to the forum,
and we hope you take a look around.

Thanks for your post, and thanks for joining us here.
If we can be of any help, please let us know

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Old 12-12-2008, 11:00 AM
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Default RE: Cedar Club, Rebeccas, Barbarellas, Polyannas, Edward No 8

Here's an interesting piece from
Lenpops of the Birmingham History Forum
Default Re: Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories
Re the Kray twins: CONTROVERSIAL nightclub king Eddie Fewtrell was today stopped from launching his new book at a Birmingham store amid security fears for his safety and that of staff.
It follows claims that workers at Waterstones, in High Street, have received hostile comments from people suggesting they have old scores to settle with him.
Eddie, famous for sending the Kray twins packing back to London when they tried to muscle in on the 1960s Birmingham club scene, today dismissed fears of trouble as "ridiculous."
He added: "I've been quite capable of looking after myself for years, but the shop has said it is worried about the customers, so that's it." Len
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